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Client Testimonials:
"I began craniosacral therapy after lower back surgery. While surgery made a big difference in restoring mobility, I hadn't returned to "normal" two years later. I still lacked a significant range of motion and suffered chronic pain. I'd long ago completed physical therapy, and had tried other complementary options, but without lasting success. Weekly craniosacral therapy did what I couldn't do any other way. I'm now back to my regular self and pain-free for a year, and would recommend this approach to anyone with chronic pain related to an injury or otherwise. As side benefits, I found that sessions left me more energized, calmer, and able to sleep better, which created a cycle of getting well instead of getting worse!"

"Jessica's healing hands have helped me manage my fibromyalgia so that I have significantly greater energy and decreased pain. Craniosacral therapy has helped me to manage my chronic pain so that I can work normally."

"Jessica's work is exceptional, unique and powerful."

"Jessica's craniosacral work reduced my level of pain, allowed me to heal faster, reduced stress, and gave me a feeling of well-being."

"It's almost spiritual..."

"Due to work-related neck pain which arose from answering the phone non-stop, taking reservations all day I decided to give Retreat and Renew a call. I had been taking Advil for a few weeks and it was just not getting better. Jessica fit me for an hour appointment of craniosacral therapy and massage. I was not sure if an hour would suffice and was slightly apprehensive if it would even work but I had heard so much about craniosacral therapy that I thought I would give it a try. After the appointment my neck I would say felt 80% better and Jessica assured me it would continue to heal for about 5 days after. It did take about 5 days to feel 100% back to normal. I can honestly say I have no neck pain and it only took one session. I have also purchased a hands-free headset so when I answer the phone at work I do not have to kink my neck at a 90 degrees angle to take reservations. Life is good. Thank you Retreat and Renew!"
-Kathy G.


I would like to give a HUGE shoutout to my friend and massage therapist, Jessica Perrin Barcomb, owner of Retreat and Renew.  I had been suffering from extreme vertigo for years, as a result of a brain injury and post-concussive syndrome.  I have been working with Jessica for months, receiving cranial sacral massage, and am no longer on medication.  I have also begun to exercise which is something I haven't been able to do in years.  Thank you Jessica!  You have changed my life. smiley

-Fran S.

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